Light Painting by Chris Burks

Last year I was asked to come into Xero to help them out with a light painting image they were trying to create for some internal photos of specific words. The guys were using light painting brushes made from fibre optics and I was just asked in to help with the technical problem they needed solving. I liked the effect of the paint brushes and yesterday received my own and quickly tested them out so here are the first test pics shot last night on the dining table at home!!

Light Painting1127.jpg
Light Painting1126.jpg
Light Painting3220.jpg
Light Painting3248.jpg

Pass it On by Chris Burks

These images were shot recently for an upcoming book on Indian cuisine by Keryn Kalyan called ‘Pass It On.’ I look forward to seeing it in print.

Spice Book1186.jpg
Spice Book1096.jpg
Spice Book1203 c .jpg
Spice Book1298.jpg

Updates Coming! by Chris Burks

As a few people have been pointing out to me it’s about time I started to update the blog with some new work and personal shots. Starting off here are some shots I did a while back for Wakefields Lawyers and I will quickly update with some more recent work!

Legal Planit2913.jpg
Legal Planit2485.jpg
Legal Planit2516.jpg
Legal Planit2474.jpg
Legal Planit2819.jpg

Simmonds Stewart by Chris Burks

This recent shoot for technology law firm Simmonds Stewart required as part of the brief quite a few portraits in a short time frame. One of the days was shooting in their Auckland offices and I flew up there without any lighting and so had to rely on window light. The following shots would have been a lot harder if I was not shooting on a mirrorless camera as getting critical focus hand held at F1.4 would of been too difficult in those conditions on a traditional DSLR.